Application Of Touch Screen

From the technical point of view, the touch screen is a set of transparent absolute coordinate positioning system, first of all it must be guaranteed to be transparent, so it must be through material technology to solve the transparency problem, such as digitizer, WordPad, elevator switch, they are not touch screen, second it is absolute coordinates, finger touch which is where, do not need a second action, Unlike the mouse, is the relative positioning of a system, we can notice that the touch screen software does not need the cursor, but the cursor affects the user's attention, because the cursor is for the relative positioning of the device, the relative positioning of the device to move to a place first to know where to go, in which direction, There is always a need to give users feedback on their current position without any bias.

These are not necessary for the touch screen with absolute coordinate positioning, then the touch action of the finger can be detected and the position of finger is judged, all kinds of touch screen technology is around "detecting finger touch" and eight Immortals crossing recount. With the increasing of multimedia information query equipment, more and more people talk about touch screen, because the touch screen is not only applicable to the national conditions of Chinese multimedia information query, but also has many advantages, such as rugged and durable, fast reaction speed, space saving and easy communication.

Using this technology, users simply touch the computer screen with a finger to the graphic symbol or text can be implemented on the host operation, so that human-computer interaction more straightforward, this technology greatly facilitates those who do not understand the computer operation of users. The application of touch screen in China is very broad, mainly public information inquiries, such as telecommunications, inland Revenue, banks, electricity and other departments of business inquiries; urban street information query; In addition, it is applied to leading office, industrial control, military command, electronic game, VOD ordering, multimedia teaching, real estate presale, etc.

In the future, the touch screen will also go into the family. With the increasing use of computers as a source of information, the touch screen with its ease of use, rugged, fast response, space saving and other advantages, so that system designers more and more feel that the use of touch screen is indeed a considerable advantage.

Touch screen appears in the Chinese market so far only a few years, This new multimedia device has not been contacted and understood by many people, including some are planning to use touch screen system designers, but also the touch screen as a dispensable device, from the developed country touch screen popularization process and China's multimedia information industry is in the stage, this concept also has a certain universality. In fact, the touchscreen is a device that makes multimedia information or control a makeover, and it gives the multimedia system a new look and is an attractive new multimedia interactive device. Developed country system designers and China's first use of touch screen system designers have been clearly aware that the touch screen for a variety of applications in the field of computer is no longer a dispensable thing, but an essential device. It greatly simplifies the use of computers, even if the computer is ignorant of people, can also be handy, so that the computer to show greater charm.

Solves problems that cannot be solved by computers in the public information market.