Introduction To Touch Screen Display

The touch display principle is actually very simple, simply put, just installed on the monitor touch screen, become a display with touch function. The market is more popular is the liquid Crystal Touch display (CRT has gradually withdrawn from the lake). According to the different installation of touch screen, generally divided into resistive, capacitive, Sonic, infrared type four; on the market, touch displays are mainly resistive touch screen, because the installation is relatively simple.

The domestic professional engaged in the self-opening mold design integrated machine-type touch display of professional firms, unlike the kind of the market with other monitors for conversion, modified touch display prone to quality problems, and the design of a single-piece touch display is not easy to appear damage to the touch screen. Touch Monitor from the front, there is no obvious difference from the ordinary display, from the back, it is more than the ordinary display of a signal line, that is, the signal line connected to the touch screen. 

Ordinary display in use, generally do not need a special driver, and touch display in use must have a dedicated touch screen driver, otherwise you can not touch the operation. First as a professional touch display manufacturers, the overall mold and mechanism design, the layout of electronic accessories, touch screen fixed are unique way, take gvision products, in addition to self-development design of A/D board, the overall structure of the design, but also for the fixed touch screen to do a professional design, The use of a few of the original design of the iron pieces as fixed, rather than the simple use of rubber strips for fixing and pasting. Second, the professional touch display, generally reserved a certain degree of installation space, can be compatible with the installation of other touch screen. Third, the professional touch display work is relatively stable, not only the contact precision, in addition touch contact, the display machine will not shake, relatively stable. Four, the quality of the touch display machine is guaranteed. So the comprehensive performance is more trustworthy.

This kind of touch display is generally used in high-end and touch-display demanding places, such as high-end dining POS systems, industrial sites, medical systems, conference rooms and so on. Domestic price-based pressure, users use more or disassemble the patchwork type, the market is more chaotic. Slightly better use the brand of the market to transform the machine, remove the shell, with a tape to the touch screen fixed on the front of the display, and then installed the forward box, the shell. In general, the shell is to use a tool to eliminate parts of the device to prevent the installation of the touch screen. Draw the touch screen control line and then put the housing in place. The quality is almost the same, then directly with the market on the Shanzhai display to transform.

Basically these monitors are not effective quality assurance, after-sales maintenance a little trouble. The sites for these applications are generally low-priced query applications. Medical, high-end POS, industrial field of touch display generally to add infrared touch screen, 5-wire resistive touch screen, capacitive touch screen-based, sonic screen display, 4-wire resistance is mainly used in the search for the location of the class.

In addition, some large-size LCD TVs are generally installed with infrared touch screen and sonic screen, which is more than the infrared screen. In general, if the customer is very important quality, it is recommended to choose brand Touch display, because after-sales service is guaranteed, if the customer is more concerned about the price, you can consider the assembly of the display.