Key Features Of Touch Screen

The first feature of the touchscreen: Transparent, it directly affects the visual effect of the touch screen. Transparency has the degree of transparency issues, infrared technology touch screen and surface acoustic wave touch screen only separated by a layer of pure glass, transparent can be counted as the best, other touch screen this is to be well-elaborated, "Transparent", in the touch screen industry, is a very general concept, many touch screen is multilayer composite film, It is not enough to generalize its visual effect by just a little, it should include at least four features: transparency, color distortion, reflective and sharpness, and can also be divided, such as reflective degree of reflection and the degree of diffraction reflection, but the touch screen surface diffraction reflection has not reached the extent of the CD, for users,

These four metrics are basically enough. Due to the existence of light transmittance and wavelength graph, the image through the touch screen is unavoidable and the original image produced color distortion, the static image is still only the color distortion, the dynamic multimedia image is not very comfortable, the color distortion is the maximum color distortion in the figure is naturally smaller the better.

The usual transparency can only be the average transparency in the graph, but the higher the better. Reflective, mainly refers to mirror reflection caused by overlapping images behind the shadow, such as silhouette, windows, lights and so on. Reflective is the negative effect of touch screen, the smaller the better, it affects the user's browsing speed, serious even can not recognize the image characters, reflective strong touch screen use of the environment is limited, the scene of the lighting layout is also forced to adjust. Most touch screens with reflective problems provide another type of surface treatment: Matte touch screen, also known as anti-glare type, slightly higher price, anti-glare reflective of the obvious decline, suitable for lighting is very sufficient hall or exhibition venues, however, anti-glare type of light transmittance and clarity also with the more substantial decline. Sharpness, some touch screen after adding, the handwriting is blurred, the image details blurred, the whole screen appears blurry, see not very clear, this is the clarity is too poor. The problem of clarity is mainly the multi-layer thin-film structure of the touch screen, due to the thin film layer between the light and reflection refraction, and also anti-glare touch screen due to surface scrub also cause clarity.

Poor clarity, easy eye fatigue, there is a certain damage to the eyes, buy touch screen should pay attention to discrimination.

A second feature of the touchscreen: Touch screen is an absolute coordinate system, to choose which is the direct point that, and the mouse this kind of relative positioning system of the essential difference is the intuitive in place. The absolute coordinate system is characterized by the location of each coordinate and the last location of the coordinates have no relationship, the touch screen is a set of independent coordinate positioning system, each touch of data through the calibration data to the screen coordinates, so that the touch screen this set of coordinates in any case, the same point of output data is stable, If not stable, then this touch screen can not guarantee the absolute coordinate positioning, point is not allowed, this is the most afraid of the touch screen problem: drift.

Technically, there is no guarantee that the same touch every time the same touch screen sampling data, there is drift this problem, there is a drift phenomenon only capacitive touch screen.

A third feature of the touchscreen: Sensing touch and positioning, a variety of touch screen technologies rely on their own sensors to work, and even some touch screen itself is a set of sensors. The respective positioning principle and the respective sensors determine the response speed, reliability, stability and life of the touchscreen.