Touch-screen Product installation

The purpose of the ① disassembly of the touchscreen is to completely expose the front surface of the CRT and remove the touch screen front cover to install the touchscreen.

② Disassembly touch Screen precautions

When removing the CRT, do not grab or collide with the CRT's tube neck and electronic gun, because the electronic gun is a glass structure, very easy to be damaged, so take out the CRT must be taken into account the safety of electronic gun, usually CRT display face up placed in plastic barrels.

③ Trim Touch Screen front cover After removing the CRT and the touch screen front cover, try to put the touch screen into the removed touch screen front cover, the general front hood design some reinforcement, these stiffeners are mainly in the production process of demoulding useful, if hinder the touch screen put into or feel long-term use may hurt and touch the Pinbian on the Wire,

You should use the oblique pliers to cut it off (cut the best after cutting the incision polished smooth, because the incision is too sharp can hurt and touch the wire on the Pinbian, such as space permitting, you can use foam double-sided tape to stick the incision)

④ Paste Dust Bar There are two effects on the front cover of the touchscreen: 1. Prevent the transducer from being crushed. Some touch screen, such as the Philips Front cover visual box height is not enough, if not stick dust-proof bar into the touch screen will make the transducer is crushed, resulting in the touch screen can not be used, this phenomenon in the flat-panel display shangyou as prominent, affixed with dust-proof bar for the transducer to cushion the space, thereby solving this problem. 2. Prevent outside dust from entering the touch screen stripe area.

Touch screen stripe If dust accumulation too much will lead to slow touch, local touch failure and other issues, put dust bar can effectively solve this problem. 

⑤ Paste double-sided adhesive.

In the visual area of the picture tube affixed with double-sided adhesive, to be pasted on the touch screen and then double-sided adhesive tape of the outer layer torn. 

⑥ Trim the touch-screen back cover. In order to observe the operating status of the control box, it is recommended to install the control box outside the monitor.

But if the control box for the sake of beauty can be glued to the double-sided adhesive or a way to fix the inside of the display, with a diagonal clamp in the back of the monitor to cut out a screen or serial line of the small hole (note: The control box and the outlet hole position is not fixed, to not affect the display interior space, does not affect the display 

⑦ clean and paste the touch screen. Clean the two surfaces of the touchscreen with a glass cleaner and suede, while cleaning the surface of the touch screen.

After cleaning the touch screen carefully centering on the screen, note that in order to ensure the safety of the transducer on the premise of the touch screen as far as possible to make the reflective stripe in the picture tube visible area, touch screen has three transducer side facing up, and immediately with high-temperature tape sealing four sides of the gap, to ensure that the cracks do not enter the dust. 

⑧ Reinstall the touch screen. Since the original screen and the front cover increased the thickness of the touch screen and double-sided adhesive, the installation of CRT should be appropriate to add some rubber washers.

And then put the picture tube into the front cover, connect the wiring, lead the screen or serial line, re-install the display, fixed.

⑨ Installation Touch Screen considerations

If the front cover of the monitor is placed on the workbench, and then the picture tube is mounted in the front cover of the monitor, it is necessary to put the front cover of the monitor up, so that the touch screen does not touch the workbench directly, because the touch screen surface is curved, otherwise it is easy to crush the touch screen when installing!

The height of the rubber washer should be slightly higher than the total height of the touch screen and double-sided adhesive. When the picture tube is mounted in the front cover of the monitor, the position of the mounting hole and the front cover of the touch screen of the tube is placed, otherwise it will cause the touch screen image to tilt and the installation work to be restarted.

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